Dark Sky Dreams -- Photography by Jerry L. Day

Dark Sky Dreams

Photography by Jerry L. Day

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Welcome to the Dark Sky Dreams gallery of nocturnal photography. Here you will find an online portfolio of colorful and intriguing photos captured in the dark of night, as well as resources dedicated to the technique and mystery of nighttime photography.

Many of the images featured here were captured during nights near the full moon. Illuminated mainly by the silvered moonlight, hand-held strobes, flashlights, or other illumination was occasionally used to add color and to breathe life into the shadows. The images were captured by camera alone - only the most basic image processing was used to cleanup the scanned or digital images.

So, come with me now on a trip down desolate roads to tour the lost and abandoned places of the American West. The roadside is littered with the forlorn and forgotten relic and ruin of days long past, ruin which yet lies dreaming under the dark desert sky.

Enjoy your visit, but best bring a wrap, there seems to be a chill in the air.

Jerry L. Day